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Playing Guitar for Money

"I am loving Troy McLaggan's debut release Wood, Steel & Bones more and more with each listen. The album is a collection of Troy's original songs played by him on fingerstyle guitar. Troy's compositions are little stories that take you on a sonic journey - they are joyful, contemplative, delicate, reflective and more - all brilliantly performed by a guitarist full of wisdom and heart." - Suzie Vinnick

. "The way Troy channels every ounce of emotion into the Wood, Steel and Bones of his music and his playing makes it inescapable that you’ll be moved. The finesse in the picking and strumming throughout the beautiful compositions and inventive arrangements are jaw dropping," - David Leask

"It's great to see and hear Troy getting out there and sharing his music with the world. He's a fine guitarist, and a talented composer. I had a blast playing Dobro on one of the tunes on the new record. Big congrats to him, and lucky us! " - Don Ross

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